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    Our Process

    DBS Apps utilizes best practices as they relate to project management, interaction design, agile development, and marketing strategies. With our experience in mobile app design, development, and deployment it is clear that the best practices approach must be embraced in order to ensure the effectiveness of this effort. Each App project has its own phased approach to ensure the success of the launch. The entire process from introduction through to release date has been detailed below in a phased approach. This approach allows for major milestones to be set at the end of each phase and allows you to see measurable progress throughout the project lifecycle.

    Communication & Design

    In Our initial meeting will assess needs, opportunities, timeline, and design element requirements. The information gathered will lay the foundation for the project’s processes, functionality, and overall design.


    An effective communication plan will be established and continued throughout the life of the project. The communication plan is design to reduce communication interference, establish interaction protocols, and manage scope creep.


    Clients are presented with basic splash screen designs, buttons, and color schemes that complement your organization’s brand. Designs will be accurate mock-ups, from which final graphics will be generated and rendered in all appropriate sizes and resolutions once approved.


    Development & Test

    Timelines can vary per client as each has a unique set of goals for their mobile experience. This being said; DBS is committed to the delivery of our clients mobile app within a timely manner. Upon completion, we will provide a demonstration or preview of the app for client approval. We will fine tune features in order to enhance the experience that is associated with your brand.


    Release & Manage

    Once the App’s final coding is completed and tested, we will create Your submission will include screen shots and keywords so your app users can find you quickly. The approval process for each app may vary. However, it is expected that Apple will approve App with in 14 days.

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